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Signs of an Aging Roof

There's multiple signs a homeowner can look for that will notify them of how quickly their roof is aging, and allow them to take the necessary steps in maintaining their roof. However, major issues like an interior leak showing up, whether in the form of ceiling or wall color changes, means it's past time for maintenance and repairs or replacement will be needed.

A Roofing Treat offers a free, no obligation, and honest roof inspection to assess it's current condition, and whether or not it is a good candidate for restoration via our all natural roof treatment.

1. Granule Loss - when a shingles’ protective top layer of granule coating begins shedding off into the gutters and downspouts. This coating functions as a sort of “sunscreen” for your shingles. The oil contained within the shingles is essential for maintaining this coating, but as it dries out, the shingles will start to become brittle and crack.

2. Edge Curling - slight rolling of the outside corners of the shingles, due to lack of flexibility, isn't an immediate danger, but it can quickly lead to more damaging results if not addressed.

3. Surface Discoloration - Black stains and streaking on the shingles is another sign that the roof is aging. Most roofs with staining are shedding the protective top coating to varying degrees. Note: Staining does not harm the roof and is only an aesthetic issue.

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