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Mold & Mildew, Oh My!

When it comes to clean air quality, Smith Environmental Solutions is the name to remember!

Who am I? I am a Certified Mold Inspector, this means I assess indoor environments, collect mold samples and then interpret those results to the client.

Who are We? We are an Indoor Environmental Consultant Firm and what we do is to work with clients to create a healthier indoor environment through education and implementation so that every indoor environment is positively impacted! We don't perform any Mold Remediation, however we should be hired to work with them in any water or mold damage claims.

What Services and Products we Offer? We perform mold assessments, mold testing, moisture testing, radon testing, thermal fogging (allergies and asthma), dryer vent cleaning and green consulting. Air Purification from 50-3000 sq ft Laundry Purification Systems Solar Panels (Residential and Commercial) NC, SC VA, GA, NY and more states coming. Green Household Products

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