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Treat Your Roof

 Repairs (to fix)

Maintenance (to help prevent)

Cleaning (to look better)

"Roof Maxx" Treatment (to last longer)

Replacement (if needed or preferred)

Solar Panel Services (just ask)

No matter the current condition of your roof, we have options to help you.

"Treat Your Roof. Treat Your Wallet."


Roof Cleaning

Soft wash solution for removing unwanted black algae streaks and moss from your roof.

Repair/replace damaged or missing shingles, up-fit vent pipes, apply sealant to exposed nails, etc.

Roof Tune-up
"Roof Maxx" Treatment

This service rejuvenates asphalt shingles with an all-natural solution, extending life by 5+ years.

Our Services
Roof Replacement

Maybe you want a new roof?

The current roof is too aged to salvage?

Got damaged due to a recent storm?

We provide the results you deserve, at a price you can afford.

Solar Panel Services

We specialize in the assessment, repair and removal/re-installation of solar panel systems. Whether you want a system performance check, squirrels have chewed through your wires or you need your system removed for a new roof to be installed. We can help!

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When Should I Treat my Roof?

What Does a Treatment Cost?

Will My Roof Look Different?

Most roofs start to break down at around 7-10 years old, but we have treated up to 30 years old. If treated early enough, we can effectively put pause on your roof life, for up to 15 years, before this deterioration worsens.

We charge based upon the square footage of your roof surface. We calculate the footprint of your home and multiply that by your pitch factor to find the total treated area. A treatment is about 80% LESS than replacement!

If the aesthetics of your roof is a concern, we recommend our roof cleaning service. Our roof treatment is focused on improving the functionality of your roof. (Results vary, but most roofs appear closer to new after a treatment.)

Let us assess the condition of your roof, sharing pictures of what we see and recommend.

We provide honest feedback, along with a hassle-free, no-obligation quote.

You decide what's best for your situation!

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